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Envy Racing Apparel LLC. Started in 2015 when the owner Darwin Rodriguez needed a custom suit and what custom suits were available at the time was about $1800.00-$2000.00 and being an Amateur racer with a family he could not afford this. We decided to venture and only start with making suits for Darwin and 3 other friends and when suits were completed other friends wanted us to make them suits when they saw our product. At his point we made a decision that we would only make suits for close friends but eventually we had so many racers approaching us that we decided to help all racers as we know how costly it is to go racing and most of us having families this makes it hard. We decided to create a brand that sets itself apart from others making leather racing suits. We started making quality racing leathers at affordable prices because we understand as we are racers and understand the cost of it all. Darwin comes with a long history in racing. He started racing in 2000 in the Dominican Republic and later started racing in Loudon NH in LRRS/CCS. Envy is heavily active in the motorcycle racing community and has been helping racers before we were a company. Currently Darwin and his two sons race and a very cool thing that Envy Racing Apparel does is that all the profit that we make with our products we put it right back into the racing community paying for sponsored riders races, suits, gloves and undersuits.

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: 1-401-617-9964
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